Construction of Stupa

Solukhumbu, Nepal

This is a rebuilding of stupa that was build up during Simdha Getul Rinpoche’s grand father time which was consecrated by late Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche, which is more then 40 years old but it was badly affected by earth quake in year 2015. 

Rinpoche has had decided to rebuild again & now is already in process of consecration of the stupa which is held by Yab Rinpoche & little Himalayan lamas at the monastery. The inauguration will be lead by Simdha Getul Rinpoche himself at the completion of the stupa which we are expecting by the end of August, 2019.

Rinpoche wishes to build many more stupas in Himalayan region for the sake of preservation of dharma in remote areas, as it says In the Sutra of the White Lotus of the Sacred Dharma, Walls are made from mud and bricks And a stupa of the Victorious One is made likewise. Therefore, even if made by a simple heap of dust in a remote place of despair, or if a child playing games makes one from a mound of sand, Whomever simply builds one on the account of the Victorious one All of them will attain enlightenment.

There is vast merit in construction of the stupa. It is said to simply be able to build a stupa either it be small or big or just a simple one made of sand and mud also has been because of the consequences of your great merit in the past. In the sutra called Chest of Secret Relics it is said that the Bhagavan proclaimed to Vajrapani that  when you write down Dharma teachings and place them inside a stupa, that stupa will become a relic of the vajra essence of all Tathagatas. That stupa will be consecrated by the secret essence of all the mantras of the Tathagatas.It will become a stupa of ninety-nine Tathagatas, as many as a heap of mustard seeds. And whoever places images of the Buddha inside a Stupa will definitely be blessed by those Tathagata images with the nature of the seven royal treatises of a universal monarch and whoever pays reverence and honors that stupa will definitely become a non-returner and will eventually achieve the unexcelled and completely perfect state of enlightenment–actual, full Buddhahood. Even if one offers only one prostration or makes a single circumambulation, one will be altogether freed from reaching various hell realms such as the Hell of Incessant Torturen and one will never fall back on the path to unexcelled completely perfect Enlightenment. All Tathagatas will bless the entire area that surrounds the place the stupa has been built in.

We dedicate the merit of building the stupa to all our kind and generous benefactors and students of Simdha Getul Rinpoche around the world. May Rinpoche’s all project goes smoothly success and beneficial to all beings.

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