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Simdha Getok Tulku Dzingtrul Gyurmey Thupten Nyingjey Rinpoche

The Fifth Getse Getok, Gyurmey Thubten Nyingjey, was born in Derge in 1906 in a place called Dzing Lhunpo to a family of four sons, all of whom were recognized as incarnate lamas. The elder was an unnamed Katok Tulku. The second was Shechen Kongtrul Pema Drime (1901-1960), one of the reincarnations of Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Taye (1813-1899). The third had a title of Shechen Gonto and the last was Getse Getok Tulku. He was recognized by The Fifth Simda Dzogchen Tulku, Gyurme Pema Thekchok (c.1890-1963), as the reincarnation of the Third Getse Getok Tulku, Gyurme Tenpel Chozang (1814-1860). He would also be known as Tenpe Nyima.When we was bathed after his birth, his bathwater turned to milk.

The Fifth Dzogchen Rinpoche recognized him, and gave predictions of his future activity which would benefit sentient beings. When the other Lamas from Simdha came to confirm the recognition, the small boy immediately jumped on one’s lap and blessed him on the head, saying, “Now I’m going back to my monastery, so take me there.”

He was brought as a small boy to Dzongsar Monastery to be presented to Dzongsar Khyentse Jamyang Chokyi Lodro (1893-1959), who gave him refuge vows and the name Gyurmey Thubten Nyingjey.

He studied at Simdha Dzogchen Monastery in Jomda and then moved to Shechen Monastery at the age of thirteen, where he took ordination and received Nyingma teachings and transmissions from the Fourth Shechen Gyeltsab, Gyurmey Pema Namgyel (1871-1926) and others. When he was 26, he spent three years in retreat at Simdha and received the signs of realization.Eventually, he would help to gather, edit, and republish many rare texts. 

He spent much of his life expanding the monastery and working to improve it, and it is said that under his tenure the monastery enjoyed its finest days. 

At the request of Dzogchen Rinpoche,  he initiated the building of a new temple, but he passed away before it was completed. After the foundation was laid, and the structure completed, Getok Rinpoche passed away. The day before his death, he asked how many walls were complete. His attendants replied that two were finished, and he said, “Good. It’s as good as complete then.” This proved to be true, for after his death, the work proceeded without a problem. 

The Eleventh Tai Situ, Pema Wangchok Gyelpo (1886-1952), the Fifth Shechen Gyeltsab Pema Dorje (d.1959), the Eleventh Zurmang Trungpa, Chokyi Gyatso, Khyentse Chokyi Lodro, Kongtrul Pema Drime, and the Sixth Shechen Rabjam, Nangze Drupai Dorje were all invited to consecrate and bless the new temple.

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