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Message from Simdha Getul Rinpoche

Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters,

Many Tashi Delek! Today I would like to request for everyone’s help and support for the project that I am planning to start. You all have been an important part of my journey and always supported me in every step for which I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.

Well, I was recognized as seventh reincarnation, Tulku of Simdha Getok Rinpoche when I was 8 years old. I was told my responsibility is to look after the monastery, to spread the Buddha Dharma, to able to guide and benefit entire sentient being. I travel a lot of countries and witness many things. I, being a Tulku, the reincarnated one, teaching the Buddha Dharma and helping others in finding  the ultimate happiness is  my responsibility which I tried my best but still I kept on feeling the emptiness that my goal as a person is yet to be achieved; a void I felt was yet to be filled.

To commit not a single unwholesome action,

To cultivate a wealth of virtue,

And, to tame this mind of ours,

This is the essence of the teaching of the Buddha.


Well, as much as, receiving teachings are important, practicing the teachings of the Buddha Dharma is even more important. To help others and do no harm is the essence of the Buddha Dharma. Ours souls’ desire is to lead fulfilling life that have meaning and there is nothing more worthwhile than living a life for others.

As a dharma practitioner, I have always wished to do something that would help the underprivileged kids in shaping a better future, in finding more like a long term solution rather than simply a momentary help.


I tried on many occasions in distributing books, foods and clothes but deep down, I always regretted that I couldn’t do much. But there is one saying by Mother Teresa which always inspired me, “We cannot all do great things but we can do small things with great love.” And, I always hoped that one day I could do little more.

After a long wait and a lot of thoughts, I have decided to start a non-profit organisation to help underprivileged kids in Nepal. In the famous gardens of Lumbini, Nepal, Siddhartha Gautama, the Lord Buddha, was born. Nepal is a land renowned for the faith of its people and the birthplace of Lord Buddha. It is has a profound charisma and insights. From the thought of a simple home grew into something bigger and decided to get ourself as an organisation - "Orgyen Pema Buddhist Society". And I am hoping to begin this benevolent and charitable organisation and help the underprivileged children in finding their path of life and being good human beings so that they can also extend their hand to help others some day in the future. One hand to help others can make our world a better place to live in.

This home will be called, “Orgyen Pema Home” and this will be the first project under the Orgyen Pema Foundation. It's main objective to restore hope and provision of basic needs to orphans and vulnerable children, which also takes care of destitute and abandoned children. With your support and donations, it will help children’s physical health and to improve their daily life and living conditions. There are still many things to do if you would like to change and improve our home. Kindly contact us.

The objectives are to rehabilitate the children with interpersonal development skills through education, medical care, building of their self-esteem and social living skills. We will equip children with psycho-social skills that will enable them live responsibly in the community. We will provide a nutritional diet to all children to help eradicate malnutrition and encourage healthy body and mind growth. We are also planning to provide a friendly living atmosphere for the children. Furthermore we want to initiate income-generating activities to sustain the home. We are also planning to empower local families with small business skills so that they can improve their income in readiness for the reintegration of the children back to the community.

The project has a feeding program where it ensures that children get a well-balanced diet and three meals a day and to provide education needs to all the children in the home. We will have pre-school, primary and secondary pupils. We will provide shelter to all the children with our dormitories and the main family house. The program will provide clothing and school uniforms to the children. Medical care will be provided as well. The home will provide ongoing psychosocial counselling for the children through networking with pro-bono counsellors who will provide invaluable counselling to the children. We will have income generation activities as the home will build a small farm and look after the animals like cow that will provide milk to us which we will sell locally, supplementing the home’s already strained budget.

“There is one common rule lies in heart of every religion. We would do on to them as we would have them to do on to us.” And, this is our opportunity, to do onto them.

Million drops of water form an ocean. With every helping hand, we can create a safe place to live in for the children who deserve all the care and love in the world.

Thanking you,

With Blessings and much gratitude,

Simdha Getul Namdak Choying Rinpoche

Projects in-progress

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