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Consecration and inauguration of the Enlightenment Stupa during the annual Drupchen and 8 manifestation of Guru Rinpoche Lama Dance at Solukhumbu, Nepal

Solukhumbu, Nepal

Sun Nov 03 2019 18:15:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


Wed Nov 06 2019 18:15:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

In Tibet, it was considered a huge blessing to participate in Drupchen practice, which has a power equivalent to a long retreat. Even those who had only a rudimentary understanding of the ritual would just come to be in the presence of the mandala, and to add to the practice their own prayers and aspirations for enlightenment.


Starting from 4th November, Simdha Getul Rinpoche Rinpoche led the three days Drupchen of Kunchok Chidu at his family monastery at Solukhumbu, Nepal. Konchok Chidu is a very profound and wide cycle of teachings. There are many ways to accomplish Guru Rinpoche’s mind, but this is one of the highest and most secret way. 

Guru Rinpoche says: If someone even just opens a book of this text, the surroundings become rich and peaceful, and all wars become reduced. If you have devotion and wish to practice this text, even if you are an animal, it helps you to attain a pure land. For the beings of this degenerate time, receiving this precious, unbroken, and blessful teaching is more rare and precious than finding a wish fullfilling jewel. 

An individual practitioner who even just holds these teachings, offers to its deities or listens to these precious teachings, is a son to all Tathagats gone to bliss, and his karmic defilements become pure like a washed white conch. His two accumulations increace like the stars in the sky. His life, accumulations, bodhichitta mind and wisdom increase limitlessly. When death comes, one can recognize ones own natural state and be liberated in the bardo. There is no question about the benefits if you practice or accomplish this text. These are words of Padmasambhava. 
The Konchok Chidu, or “Gathering of All Precious Jewels”, is a Guru Yoga practice which involves four aspects of Padmasambhava’s activities, and encompasses all Three Roots: the Lama, the Yidam, and the Kandro, in the forms of Tsokye Dorje, Guru Drakpo, and Senge Dongma Singhamukha, respectively.
The beneficial attributes of this extraordinary practice are removing harmful influences, generating positive circumstances for the environment and all beings, increasing virtue, and clearing away ignorance are among many others.

On 6th November, the first Tenth of this lunar month which is also considered as Guru Rinpoche day is celebrated with annual Guru Rinpoche’s 8 manifestation mask lama dance performance. On this auspicious day, Simdha Getul Rinpoche himself performed as Guru Rinpoche among the the eight manifestations of Padmasambhava. The Eight Manifestations of Padmasambhava do not depict different Padmasambhavas, but reflect his ability to appear according to different needs and demands. In fact, they are called in Tibetan Guru Tsen Gyé, the eight ‘names’ of the Guru; each manifestation demonstrates a different principle that unveils the innermost nature of mind. As Guru Rinpoche said: “Mind itself is Padmasambhava; there is no practice or meditation apart from that.”

On 7th November, the second tenth of this lunar calendar because of the repetition of the day, Simdha Getul Rinpoche preceded the consecration of the Enlightenment Stupa along with the seniors lama and monks of the monastery. On this auspicious day, the enlightenment stupa is inaugurated which is built by Simdha Getul Rinpoche at his family lineage monastery in Solukhumbu, Nepal.

In the sutra The way of Distinguishing it is said:

The Buddha told the young Brahmin Naytso, 

“There are eighteen benefits of building a Tathagata stupa.

What are those eighteen?

One will be born as the child of a great king.

One will have an excellent body.

One will become very beautiful and attractive.

One will develop a very sharp intellectual capacity.

One will become renowned.

One will have a great entourage of servants.

One will become a leader of people.

One will be a support to others.

[One's greatness] will be expounded in the ten directions.

One will be able to extensively express whatever one wishes in word and verse.

One will be worshipped by gods.

One will posses many riches.

One will obtain the kingdom of a universal monarch.

One will have a long life.

One’s body will be like a collection of vajras.

One’s body will be endowed with major and minor marks [of a Buddha].

One will take rebirth in the three higher realms.

One will swiftly achieve Nirvana.

These are the eighteen benefits of building a Tathagata stupa.”



In the Manjushri Root Tantra it is said:

If you make a stupa with your own hands,

You will be able to purify your body even if you have committed the five inexpiable sins.”

If you build one hundred thousand stupas,

You will be transformed into a universal monarch of the knowledge-holders.

Completely understand all treatises

And be endowed with skillful means.

For the duration of an eon, when you die you will always be reborn as a king and never again go to the lower realms.

Like the sun rising in a central land,

You will be endowed with all your sense faculties.

You will be able to retain all that you learn and remember your past lives.



In the sutra called Chest of Secret Relics it is said:

The Bhagavan proclaimed,“Vajrapani, when you write down Dharma teachings and place them inside a stupa, that stupa will become a relic of the vajra essence of all Tathagatas.

That stupa will be consecrated by the secret essence of all the mantras of the Tathagatas.

It will become a stupa of ninety-nine Tathagatas, as many as a heap of mustard seeds.

That stupa will be blessed as if it contained the yes and ushnishas of all Tathagatas.

Whoever places images of the Buddha inside a Stupa will definitely be blessed by those Tathagata images with the nature of the seven royal treatises of a universal monarch. Whoever pays reverence and honors that stupa will definitely become a non-returner and will eventually achieve the unexcelled and completely perfect state of enlightenment–actual, full Buddhahood.Even if one offers only one prostration or makes a single circumambulation, one will be altogether freed from reaching various hell realms such as the Hell of Incessant Torture.One will never fall back on the path to unexcelled completely perfect Enlightenment.

All Tathagatas will bless the entire area that surrounds the place the stupa has been built in.


In the Sutra of the White Lotus of the Sacred Dharma, it says:

Walls are made from mud and bricks

And a stupa of the Victorious One is made likewise.

Therefore, even if made by a simple heap of dust in a remote place of despair, or if a child playing games makes one from a mound of sand,

Whomever simply builds one on the account of the Victorious One

All of them will attain enlightenment.


The benefits of making offerings to a stupa are stated in the Sutra Requested by King Prasenajit:

If one applies whitewash to a Buddha stupa,

One will have a long life in the worlds of gods or humans,

One will be free of mental and physical ailments,

All suffering will be completely removed and

One will always be happy and will become wealthy with worldly riches.

By ringing a bell in front of a Buddha stupa,

One will speak with authority and have great fame,

One will have the pleasant voice of Brahma,

Be able to remember one’s past lives,

And obtain all kinds of adornments.

If a learned person silently recites prayers on their rosary with a faithful mind at a Buddha stupa,

They will have many golden rosaries adorned with beautiful precious jewels,

And will be foremost among the meritorious and fortunate ones.

Whoever makes a melodic music offering at a Buddha stupa

Will have an abundance of courageous eloquence in profundity and knowledge,

Their physical body will be perfect and their mind and speech pure.

Their voices will fill the world.

If any person who has a heart and body,

Hangs various banners from the stupa

Which is a stainless source of merit,

It will become a field of offerings and an object of worship for the three worlds.

If one affixes a silken crown to a Buddha stupa,

One will become a glorious ruler of gods,

Will experience great bliss, and in particular,

Will attain the crown of complete liberation.

If one cleans a Buddha stupa,

One will become very attractive and beautiful to look at,

One will have an excellent face

With the complexion of a lotus,

And one will be completely devoid

of the defects of Samsara.

Whoever cleans off the dust around a stupa

In the springtime with clean water

Will be joyfully fanned by ladies

Holding golden-handled fans.

May the representations of the Buddha's mind reveal the path to enlightenment. 🙏

On the afternoon of the 7th November, Simdha Getul Rinpoche led “ Jinsek “ the Kunchok Chidu fire puja, the ritual practice of offering into fire on final day after annual Tsechu festival @ Rinpoche’s family lineage monastery in Solukhumbu, Nepal.

We would like to dedicate all the merit to all mother sentient beings and especially our benefactors and to all the disciples of the Simdha Getul Rinpoche around the world.

དུས་གསུམ་གཤེགས་པའི་རྒྱལ་བ་ཐམས་ཅད་ཀྱིས། །
dü sum shekpé gyalwa tamché kyi
As all the victorious buddhas of past, present and future

བསྔོ་བ་གང་ལ་མཆོག་ཏུ་བསྔགས་པ་དེས། །
ngowa gangla chok tu ngakpa dé
Praise dedication as supreme,

བདག་གི་དགེ་བའི་རྩ་བ་འདི་ཀུན་ཀྱང་། །
dak gi gewé tsawa di kün kyang
So now I dedicate all these roots of virtue

བཟང་པོ་སྤྱོད་ཕྱིར་རབ་ཏུ་བསྔོ་བར་བགྱི། །
zangpo chö chir rabtu ngowar gyi
For all beings to perfect Good Actions.

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