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Ganachakra Tsok Offering at Tsopema

Tsopema (Rewalsar), India

Sat Feb 16 2019 18:15:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


Mon Feb 18 2019 18:15:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Simdha Getul Rinpoche has led the 100,000 accumulationn of  Ganachkara Puja on Chötrul Düchen ( Great Day of Miraculous Manifestations"), which is closely follows Losar, the Tibetan New Year @ Tsopema ( lake rewalsar ) in big Guru Rinpoche Statue.

Monks from Rinpoche's family lineage monastery has joined the ganachakra puja in tsopema all the way from nepal. It took them three days on road to reach India and did one more night travel to reach Tsopema - the holy land of Guru Padmasambhava and Khandro Lhacham Mandarava. 

Gabachakra Puja was for three days, Following up with first month of Tibetan calendar, which is called Bumgyur Dawa. During this time, it is believed that the effects of both positive and negative actions are multiplied ten million times. The first fifteen days of the year celebrate the fifteen days during which the historical Buddha displayed miracles for his disciples so as to increase their devotion.

The main benefit of tsok practice (Ganachakra Puja) mentioned in the tantras is the accumulation of merit with conceptual focus as well as the accumulation of wisdom beyond focus. There could be no greater benefit than this. In the termas, we also find mention of unimaginable benefits. For example, it is said that Guru Rinpoche himself will come and bless the tsok practitioners, or that the place where tsok is performed will become exactly the same as the Zangdokpalri heaven of Guru Rinpoche. And Yeshé Tsogyal said that to practice tsok just once closes the door to lower rebirths. It is also said that disease, famine and warfare will be pacified, and all the practitioners’ wishes will be fulfilled without the slightest obstacle.

Practise of Ganachakra Puja removes all the obstacles and wish fulfilling. It is also considered that one Ganachakra puja done has greater benefit than hundreds of Puja of “Invoking of wealth”.

After concluding the 100,000 accumulation of the Ganachakra Puja , Simdha Getul Rinpoche and his entourage from Nepal went on to pilgrimage to the well in Mandi where the Mandi King (father of Lhacham Mandarava) imprison her when he first heard the rumor of his beloved daugther with a man which he realised was the great buddha of three times - Guru Padmasambhava and later receievd many teachings and took refuge under him. Later that, they went to pilgrimage to the cave where Guru Padmasambhava and Khandro Lhacham Mandarava stayed in retreat. On such auspicious day, they raised the prayer flag up in the mountain on the holy land of Guru Padmasambhave where the wind race with the time and flag fly higher and higher for the benefit of all our benefactors, for all the disciples of Simdha Getul Rinpoche, for the long life of the Rinpoche and all the genuine dharma gurus around the six realms who are tirelessly working for the benefit of all mother sentient beings and lastly, but not the least, for the benefit of all mother sentient beings. 

It is extremely auspicious and a blessing to be able to do ganachakra puja at Tsopema where where Guru Rinpoche performed the miracle of transforming the funeral pyre into a lake, after the King of Zahor attempted to burn him and Princess Mandarava alive on Chotrul Duchen. 

We would like to thank all the disciples of Rinpoche and supporters who made this event a success. And, We dedicate this auspicious merits to all the dharma students of Rinpoche and all the sentient beings. May the buddha dharma flourish and awaken the seed of buddha in each one of us. 

སངས་རྒྱས་བསྟན་པ་དར་ཞིང་རྒྱས་པར་ཤོག །
sangye tenpa dar shying gyepar shok
May the teachings of the Buddha flourish and spread!

སེམས་ཅན་ཐམས་ཅད་བདེ་ཞིང་སྐྱིད་པར་ཤོག །
semchen tamché dé shying kyipar shok
May all sentient beings find happiness and joy!

ཉིན་དང་མཚན་དུ་ཆོས་ལ་སྤྱོད་པར་ཤོག །
nyin dang tsen du chö la chöpar shok
May they practise Dharma day and night!

རང་བཞན་དོན་གཉིས་ལྷུན་གྱིས་འགྲུབ་པར་ཤོག །
rang shyen dön nyi lhün gyi drubpar shok
And may our own and other's aims be spontaneously accomplished!

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