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Life Release of fishes at the holy Ganges River, India

Ganges River, Varanasi

Tue Oct 26 2021 18:15:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


On the auspicious day of Lhabab Duechen, to begin with, we started with Riwo Sangchoe smoke offering ritual in the early morning along with the prayer of Shakyamuni and 16 Arahat at the holy stupa of Turning the wheel of Dharma, Varanasi, India where the Buddha had turned his first wheel of dharma under the lead of Simdha Getul Rinpoche togerher with our dharma brothers and sisters of Orgyen Pema on Zoom. 

It is such a joyous and auspicious occasion for us when Lord Buddha descended back to Earth on this very day and on such beautiful occasion, we also did the offerings of flowers at the Shechen Stupa for universal peace built in fulfillmnet of H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche's vision. There was a teaching given by H.H. 4th Drodupchen Rinpoche where he has quoted the benefit of offering flowers to the stupa of Buddha according to the Vinaya-sūtra and it is said that we can not compare the value of the benefits of offering flowers to the Buddha evenn to the value of a hundred thousand vessels full of jambu river gold. And, therefore, we would like to dedicate this immense merit of oferering flowers to the sacred Shechen Stupa of turning the wheel of dharma to our gurus, to all our benefactors, to our dharma family of Orygen Pema and to all our sangha members and to all mother sentient beings. 

Later in the afternoon, under the guidance of Simdha Getul Rinpoche, we release the life of fishes more than 300 kg and 30 birds at the holy Ganges River, Varanasi, India. Life release is the especial practice of saving the lives of the animals that were destined to be slaughter and this year it brings us so much that we could come here at the Ganges river to continue this practice despite of the Global Pandemic that is still going on. Apart from from the fishes that were released here in India, there were more than 80 kg fishes which were released in Jakarta, Indonesia led by Orgyen Pema Foundation, Indonesia and also we release tons of lives of Earthworms in Switzerland. It is also our good fortune and blessings of our good karma that we could engage in such meritorous virtue together as a sangha members of Orgyen Pema. 

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