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One Hundred thousand accumulation of Hundred syllable Mantra along with three days of Vajrasattva practice

Boudhanath Stupa, Nepal

Fri Mar 06 2020 18:15:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


Sun Mar 08 2020 18:15:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Simdha Getok Tulku Namdak Choying Rinpoche led the Vajrasattva Puja for three days starting from 7th March to 9th March which was concluded on the auspicious day of Chötrul Düchen and accumulated more than one hundred thousand times the hundred syllable mantra of Vajrasattva in front of the Boudha Stupa. We would like to thank all the participations who send their count to this accumulation and especially from Jakarta, Jambi, Bali, Malaysia and Macau. 

In Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist practice, Vajrasattva mantra is used in the Ngondro, or preliminary practices, in order to dissolve and purify the mind’s defilements, prior to undertaking more esoteric tantric techniques.Chanting of this 100 syllable mantra brings great benefit to the practitioner and has the effect of deluded habitually tendencies, clearing obstacles, conflicting negative emotions, negative habits of all kinds and unresolved karmic debts.

In the past, while on the path of learning, Vajrasattva made the following aspiration:

In future, when I reach complete and perfect buddhahood, may those who have committed the five crimes with immediate retribution, or anyone whose samaya commitments have been impaired, be purified entirely of all their harmful actions and impairments merely by hearing my name, thinking of me, or reciting the hundred syllables, the most majestic of all the secret mantras! Until this is brought about may I remain without awakening! And: May I be present before all those with impairments and breakages of samaya commitments and may I purify all their obscurations! 

On the final of Vajrasattva puja, Rinpoche performed Nelung puja for the deceased person for which we received more than 1000 names from different parts of the world. And we concluded the whole prayer with Marme monlam (lamp offering prayer).

Boudha Stupa is the most precious, holy and also as wish fulfilling stupa. There are several tales in the past and present as well to prove that if we pray with pure motivation infront of this holy stupa of Boudha then our wishes come true. For example: in past when the youngest son of the Ma Jazin Ma prayed that may he be born as someone who could protect the dharma, subdue all that harm comes to buddha dharma and flourish the same dharma, it is said to believe that he was later born as none other than Guru Padmasambhava and he become the one to protect the dharma, subdue all the evil and flourish the buddha dharma and especially the one who brought this buddha dharma to Tibet. It is believed that thousands of Buddhas and Heavenly Deities incarnated as Lamas in Boudha Stupa and did consecration of the stupa. During the consecration of the stupa, the rays of Bodhisattvas entered in the song from heaven and the holy sound was heard in the sky. Therefore this stupa is viewed with great reverence and also known as “All-Encompassing" or "Sangye Tong Dupai Chorten".

Well, There are many mishap situation arising around the world like the misfortunate breakout of the diseases like Coronavirus of Wuhan, rampage killing in Thai, Paris, States and etc., natural disasters like tornado in Australia, Macau and etc, Bush fires in Australia, wars around world like Syrian war and etc., famines and droughts, environmental problems arising like global warming and many more which breaks our heart to even hear about them. We would like to including each and everyone, either it be human beings or it be animals, in our prayers and dedicate it's merit for the benefit of all mother sentient beings.

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