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Charity Dinner to Raise Fund for Building a Monastery in Kathmandu:


Simdha Dzogchen Monastery has its roots in eastern Tibet. Located in Shendaxiang Qamdo, Tibet, this 700 year old monastery has more than 350 monks and nuns under its care. It serves the local population in their religious and spiritual needs and actively organises many prayers and other ceremonies which are well attended by the people living nearby who are mainly peasants. Their devotion to the Buddhist faith is very deeply entrenched and Simdha monastery is very well regarded amongst the devotees in that area.


Over the years, many monks have escaped from Tibet and make their way across the treacherous Himalayas to Nepal where they made Kathmandu their new home. However many became homeless and lead a life full of hardship having to struggle to make ends meet. A home is badly needed to house them and to serve the needs of the poor around Boudhanath, Kathmandu.

This planned permanent base not only cater for the monks but also to promote Buddha's teaching to the local populace via frequent teachings offered by various Buddhist masters. It is also aimed at providing a proper place of worship, meditation and for conducting rituals for the Buddhist community near Boudhanath. Besides providing for the religious and spiritual needs, this new monastery will also serve as a base to provide food for the poor and education for their children through its future social support activities.

The purpose of this Charity Dinner is to help raise fund to construct the monastery. This 4.5 storey building to be constructed is located on Lot 450, Mahankal, Baudha and is about 8 minutes walk to Boudhanath, a UNESCO world heritage holy site of Buddhism located in the eastern suburb of Kathmandu.


The land which costs RM 550,000 has been paid for and fully sponsored by Dato' Ju. The construction cost of the building is estimated at RM1.1 million and this charity dinner is meant to help part finance its construction which is expected to commence in 2016. We hope to raise about RM 150,000 from this charity dinner.

The application for approval to construct has already been submitted to the authorities concerned and some of the approvals have already been obtained but full approval is expected by June 2015.

Your generosity and benevolent heart will surely help in making this construction of the monastery a success by buying the tickets for the dinner or donating towards various major expenses in organising this charity dinner. 

With Loving Kindness



Schedule for the Charity Dinner:

Venue :

Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Club

Jalan 3/155B

Petaling KL


Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Club Jalan 3/155B Petaling KL

Above is the picture of the ticket for the Charity Dinner. Kindly contact us if interested.

For enquiry please contact : 0166908787 / 0122339728

Lama Thaksing : 01133523056

Email :

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